Manage boring and workover in inland desert for profound flat boring wells.

Giving consistent 24 hours oversight to all the tasks at the well site.

Check all on location Equipment (for example packaging taking care of gear, boring containers, MWD) Well Materials (for example housings, liner holders, wellheads, packers), and Well Consumables (for example bits, mud added substances, concrete added substances) and guarantee that they are put away and taken care of in a fitting way at the well-site

Administer all weight tests (for example BOP, Casings/tubing, High Pressure lines, Wellheads) according to the boring system.

Start and administer every necessary drill (H2S, BOP, Fire and so on) at the well-site.

Executing boring activities and guaranteeing that they are finished according to plan

Arranging, sorting out and planning oil rig activities

Arrange the activities of the staff like architects, laborers, temporary workers, geologists and researchers

Make customary reports to the penetrating director on the advancement of activities

Executing security measures and consistently checking them for inconsistencies

Executing ventures for diminishing ecological exhaustion because of boring activities

Screen all the penetrating tasks and settle on choices with respect to continuation or relinquishment of the oil rig in extraordinary atmospheres

Precise documentation of the oil rig tasks