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How to Repair Network Outages and Inaccessible Files and IP Conflicts:

We often come across situations, when our computer doesn’t work and we seem to have no reason for the cause. It is very much irritating when we need to face this kind of situations and even disastrous if this kind of problem happens in business networks.  Moreover beside this problem, in the business network, it is required to be fixed before one can use remote desktop software, like remote utilities.

Most of the network problem can be controlled by the IT teams and you can save a lot of bucks by handling the situation yourself. In this article you will be discussed two of the most common issues that are often faced by people, they are network outages and inaccessible files and the other one is IP conflicts.

Network Outages and Inaccessible Files

Facing a high number of network outages at unpredictable times is one of the most common problems. Have you ever wondered how to get rid of this issue?  In these types of situation, your employees find it difficult to access files; it is likely that your system might be experiencing a NetBIOS conflict.

The problem is common in older systems; generally, the user faces this issue while using Windows NT. But the problem also exists with other versions of windows. People who have just upgraded their service pack are more likely to be at risk. Other than this if you have a large system update, you are also at risk.

Solving the Issue

  • In order to get over with this issue, you can disable WINS/Net BT name resolution unless and until it is required by a program.
  • Another way to avoid the issue is, by renaming the domain of your computer, it will probably resolve the naming issue.

IP Conflicts

At default, stage windows ensure only one IP address for each device, at once. However, sometimes two devices mess up getting the same internet protocol address. In such cases network blocks Either of the two devices, thus preventing access to files that are protected. Moreover, it causes lag in the network, and the lag is not only experienced by the conflicting device but also with the devices that are connected to the network.

How to Avoid the Problem

One of the most common solutions to this problem is reconfiguring your DHCP setup in order to ensure the particular static IP address which is excluded from the pool.  This will permanently reconfigure your IP address, thus resolving your conflict. This will enable all the machines connected to the network to get proper access.

Resolving Slow Application Response

Other than the above-mentioned issues, slow application response is also considered to be a major problem in business networks.  The problem here is that the network encounters a slow reaction time for the programs. This problem is faced especially shortly after the computer is started or connected to a network.

  • This usually signifies high usage of bandwidth.  To check this issue it is necessary for you to perform a time study of the employees in your organization to ensure they aren’t viewing or downloading videos.
  • In order to keep your bandwidth use in hand, you can enforce proper network in use. You will not be able to use the amount of bandwidth if the employees in your organization are using the network properly. In such cases look for upgrading your network that will meet your business demand.

The topics that are discussed above are some of the common network issues faced by computer users. Sometimes people are blank and do not have any solution to it, it is not only frustrating situation but also a waste of time. Thinking of that, the above articles demonstrates some common problem along with solutions, going through the article will help you to resolve such problem easily.