Solutions for Common Network Error Messages:

You will often come across different messages displayed on your computer when the network connection of your computer is not properly configured. Sometimes error messages are also displayed on the screen of your pc due to technical failure, but the messages are very helpful in detecting the issue, rather those messages give you a necessary clue about the problem.

Given below are two of the most common network related error messages which are discussed in detail to troubleshoot and fix network related issues on your computer.

The Network Cable Is Unplugged

‘A network cable is unplugged’ is a message that is often displayed on the computer as a windows desktop balloon. There can be numerous conditions that can create this error, it may be due to the poor cabling or maybe because of issues related to devise drivers.

Your pc may fail to access the network in case if your connection is not wired. If you are having a wireless connection then you may not be familiar with this issue, it is likely to perform normally. Sometimes this message can be annoying until the issue is solved.

It is obviously frustrating when you cannot access the internet, this could be because your computer cannot connect to the internet. An error message ‘a network cable is unplugged’ will be displayed on your computer and red ’X’ will appear on the taskbar.

This message might appear on your screen once every few days or minutes depending on the nature of the issue. It may even appear if you are accessing the internet from wifi.

What Can Be The Possible Causes?

There can be various potential causes for error regarding the unplugged network. The possible reason for these messages could be because of unsuccessful instalment of the Ethernet cable for making the local network connection.

The reason for it could be a malfunction of network adapters, poor Ethernet cables, or network device drivers misbehaving.

Even people who have upgraded their pc from an older version of windows to windows 10 face similar problems.


  • Restart your computer: If you have a computer then makes sure to restart it, and turn it back on. If you have laptop remove the battery from the back, then after 10 minutes insert the battery back to the laptop again and start your windows.
  • Disable Ethernet network adapter- Make sure to disable the network ethernet adapter if you do not use it. Follow the below steps to completely disable it.
  • Click on ‘a network cable is unplugged’> choose the ‘disable option’
  • Make sure to check both ends of the cables to ensure it is not loosely connected. One of the ends of the cable is connected to your pc and the other end is connected probably to the router. If this condition also does not work, it is likely to be a fault with cable, try testing it.
  • You can also update the software of the network adapter to a newer version, if available. Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the software if it was running in the latest version. This will help it to roll back to the previous version.
  • Make use of device manager or network control centre from the control panel in order to change the Ethernet adapter duplex settings, this will help you to choose from half duplex or full duplex, select the option with which you are compatible with, instead of auto selection.
  • Changing from default auto-selection to full duplex or half duplex will make your computer to work around technical limitations of the adapter by correcting the speed and timing. It is reported by some of the users that choosing the half-duplex option has benefitted them very much.

Note: This setting generally lowers the maximum total data rate of your device support.

  • In older versions of the computer, the cable of the internet is just like removable USB dongle or like PCI Ethernet type card. In order to ensure that it is connected properly make use of it, to remove the hardware from your pc. If it still does not solve the issue then it is necessary to replace the adapter.

What to Do If the Screen Shows ‘Network Path Was Not Found’

While connecting into network resource on another pc the user may encounter this type of messages. There can be various issues for displaying these messages; you can try the listed troubleshooting approaches mentioned below.

Make Use of Valid File and Folder Names

Sometimes a user may make mistakes while typing the path name of the network and it results in your pc to display error 0x8007035. On the remote device, the path that is mentioned must point into a shared resource. Ensure that windows file and printer resource is enabled on device, it is also necessary for remote user to have permission for accessing the resource.

Other Failure Conditions

  • The user may come across unusual behaviour with the system like network path can’t be recognised, the error might occur when the clock of the computer is not recognised. In that case, it is necessary for you to keep the window device on local network synchronised through ‘network time protocol’.
  • Make sure to use valid username and password while connecting to the remote resources
  •  Any services failure related to file and printer sharing can cause various errors. In order to bring back the computer in its normal mood, it is necessary to reboot your computer.

Disabling Local Firewalls

These types of errors generally occur due to misconfigured and misbehaving firewall that runs on initiating window device. Temporary disabling the firewall, whether it is built in firewall of windows or a third party widows firewall, the software allows you to ensure whether running with the help of it has any chance to cause the error.

In case if you find any error then it is necessary for you to take extra action by changing the firewall settings so that you can completely avoid this error, in order to re-enable it.

Note: Home desktop pc that is protected at the back of a broadband router firewall and they do not require their own firewall during the course of time. But it is required to keep their firewall active if they have a mobile device.

Resetting TCP/IP

Unlike the average users who are least bothered about the low-level technical information and about the working of the operating system, power users are likely to deal with advanced troubleshooting options. One of the popular ways to work around with the windows networking is resetting the windows component that runs in the background to support TCP/IP network traffic.

The exact procedure might vary and depend on the windows system, the approach to the issue may also be different, basically, it involves opening windows command prompt followed by entering ‘netsh’ as a command.

For example, the command will reset the TCP/IP on your windows, it is also necessary for you to reboot the system after the command; this secures your computer to be at clean state.